GaymerX's GX3 has ended
We’re excited to have you all for the biggest and best GaymerX event! This year has more programming than ever before so make sure you fill your schedules so that you don’t miss a thing!

For more info, check out www.gaymerx.com

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Adam Koebel

Streamer and Game Master
Vancouver, Canada
Adam Koebel is a full-time streamer, GM and game designer. He got his start on Twitch streaming tabletop roleplaying games for RollPlay, and continues to act as Game Master for the Swan Song and Mirrorshades shows at http://twitch.tv/itmejp. He's the GM-in-residence for Roll20.net and can be found GMing the Burning Wheel and Old School adventures for http://twitch.tv/roll20app. When he's not creating diverse worlds for his players and audience, Adam streams RPGs, indie games and AAA titles with an eye towards social impact and game design. He's the co-designer of the award-winning tabletop RPG Dungeon World. He's a queer, a nihilist and most likely to be eaten by an owlbear.